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Bro Story Time : What’s That Smell?

Thanks for keeping up with our happy little spot of wake boarding facts and now it’s time to share our other passion : stories about bros. We appreciate each and every one of the eyeballs that grace this blog. We know we don’t exactly update as much as we should or even tell the best stories. Still, the outpouring of clicks and comments has made us extra glad to give you today’s story about a stank that wouldn’t quit and the roommates who tried to stop it. Today’s tale is from Greg Yartz and he deserves a plug because he’s an amazing guy when you’re looking for commercial real estate in the Nashville area. Check him out ! Now here come’s the story. Enjoy!

Why is it that Summer has the best and the worst things of any season in the spectrum of them? Summer is obviously awesome because you can get a couple of friends together and drink in the middle of the day pool side with nary a negative word from anyone. The flip side of the coin is that when it’s hot out things have a stronger capacity to stink. No smell is improved by high temperatures except for delicious meals being cooked. What definitely is not an improvement to a situation is a dead, rotting animal which is the focus of today’s story.

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