Fascinating Water Sports Activities

There are various enjoyable and fun sport activities to do on, around or in the water, the only challenge is making a decision on the best way to squander a day of fun on the water. Be it in a lake, pond, river or ocean, almost each water sports you prefer is a healthy and excellent way of spending your time as well as gaining good exercise. Thanks to the amazing folks at NAT Yoga Murfreesboro, Tennessee for these fun facts and activities!

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Sunscreens and Sun Safety Tips

Sunscreens and Sun Safety Tips

All of us, no matter our complexion type, need to be smarter about following sun safety tips. Your dermatologist will tell you were wearing lots of sunscreens is the best protection against skin cancer.

In recognition of the 33rd summer without FDA sunscreen safety guidelines, the Environmental Working Group has released its annual report on sunscreens, labeling some as “modern day snake oil”. They worry about the effectiveness, never mind the common sense of slathering yourself with potentially hazardous chemicals that break down in sunlight. Is your favorite product on EWG’s list, now’s the time to find out.
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Stay Safe  Importance Of Safety On The Water

Stay Safe : Importance Of Safety On The Water

Water bodies are the most dangerous places that you can choose to go and have fun with your family. Just like children, even adults can’t avoid the urge to return to water especially when the weather is hot. Most people prefer having water activities with their children during the summer season even if the children do not know how to swim. Well, if you have any arrangement of having a water activity with your family soon, here is the importance of water safety.

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Stay Safe : Wakeboarding Safety Tips & Tricks

People nowadays are turning out to be more interested in the expanding development of the sport of wakeboarding. With this expand comes decisions of wakeboard organizations to look over particularly when choosing which board you’re going to ride. In addition to the fact that it is critical to wear the best board and rigging, however it is additionally similarly imperative to look like it in your new wakeboarding garments and wakeboarding gear. What preferable approach to perform this over by looking at the ideal wakeboarding garments, adornments and apparatus for your wakeboarding needs! We thank our friend Jonah for sourcing these tips.

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wakereactor bro story

Bro Story Time : What’s That Smell?

Thanks for keeping up with our happy little spot of wake boarding facts and now it’s time to share our other passion : stories about bros. We appreciate each and every one of the eyeballs that grace this blog. We know we don’t exactly update as much as we should or even tell the best stories. Still, the outpouring of clicks and comments has made us extra glad to give you today’s story about a stank that wouldn’t quit and the roommates who tried to stop it. Today’s tale is from Greg Yartz and he deserves a plug because he’s an amazing guy when you’re looking for commercial real estate in the Nashville area. Check him out ! Now here come’s the story. Enjoy!

Why is it that Summer has the best and the worst things of any season in the spectrum of them? Summer is obviously awesome because you can get a couple of friends together and drink in the middle of the day pool side with nary a negative word from anyone. The flip side of the coin is that when it’s hot out things have a stronger capacity to stink. No smell is improved by high temperatures except for delicious meals being cooked. What definitely is not an improvement to a situation is a dead, rotting animal which is the focus of today’s story.

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A Brief History Of Wakeboarding : Slim Beginnings

Welcome to Wake Reactor, the best online location for everything about the awesome water sport of wakeboarding. We’ve got lots of great information, tips, tricks and surprises in store so bookmark this page and check back often. Today we’re going to start…at the start! What do you know about the history of wakeboarding? You’re about to know a lot more!  Special guest writer Todd starts us off with this great short history on how wakeboarding came to be what we know it as today.

The history of wakeboarding isn’t as far back as the history of the Pyramids but it goes back longer than you might think. A number of years ago the sport of wakeboarding began it’s epic climb to the amazing watersport and recreational activity it is today. The best part about wakeboarding is that it can be traced back to a multitude of other sports that weaved in and out to bring us the perfect tapestry we know and love.

Beach dwellers loved to surf and for years and years that was the prominent beach activity for active lovers of great waves. Many historians note and recall those very surfers being towed behind boats when on the water and if possible by a truck that was on the shoreline. The activity of using a motorized vehicle to tow behind the surfer on his or her board started to influence surfing in an interesting way. Boards began to shorten in their style and size and these shorter surfboards became very popular. Most historians point to a single man who designed an interesting item from the growing rift between longer and shorter boards. In 1985 a man by the name of Tony Finn came up with an idea. He crafted a hybrid of a surfboard and a water ski. What did he call his this Frankenstein of style and function? The Skurfer! When you look at a Skurfer today it mostly resembles a small surfboard. The “skurfing” was achieved by having your friends pull you behind a boat on a line which was attached to a handle the “skurfer” would hold. While the boat towed the “skurf board” and “Skurfer” he or she would attempt carving moves very similar to that of a traditional surfer in the boat’s wake.

Imagine skateboarding today and the increasingly popular sporting style of trick snowboarding. The riding style of a Skurfer was very similar to that kind of movement. Since there were no bindings and no straps, riders of this new board creation pretty much stood wherever they could find balance. You can find plenty of traditional surf boards towed behind boats to this day.

That summer a huge change in the surfing world would make 1985 a pivotal year for wakeboarding. Two surfing enthusiasts came up with the same idea completely separate of each other : foot straps were drilled into the board. The Skurfer now had great balance and a way for the rider to stay on top during even the harshest wakes. Another surfing enthusiast, Mr. Jimmy Redmon of Austin, TX, began to experiment with his Redline water ski board. The Redline was already popular in Austin and was receiving rave reviews. Redline boards were distinctive by their smaller size much like the Skurfer.

The single most important invention in wakeboarding happens simultaneously by two men who had never met. Footstraps are extremely important in the history and evolution of the modern wakeboard. Adding these revolutionary foot straps to the board allowed for “big air” – moments where the rider could surf up a wake and achieve high-flying results. More akin to it’s sister sports snowboarding and skateboarding, wakeboarding was coming into it’s own nearly 30 years before today.

Tony Finn popularized and promoted his augmented board throughout the rest of the eighties. Skiboarding became it’s own sport offshoot during this time thanks to Finn’s tireless efforts to show and excite people the new possibilities with this innovative board design. The only problem was that by 1990 with ESPN televising the skiboarding championships, the sport was in big trouble. No one had augmented or innovated the board style or moves in over five years and the whole sport was starting to stagnate. The amount of energy necessary to pull off deep water starts restricted the best competitors to very strong individuals only. The Skurfers themselves had a design flaw : overly buoyant and still extremely narrow.

What could be done? Who would come up with the board we know today? Tune in next time to see what totally changed the game!